NorthStar Bridge:

NorthStar Bridge is the Outreach arm of NorthStar Church, where we serve and awaken communities to the love of Christ. NorthStar Bridge is an expression of love that God has poured out to us. We make a practice of serving our community with the hope of the Gospel to see lives changed. We do this by sharing the Good News and serving our city in practical ways. Our goal is to come along side of already planted and established churches in low income areas, to assist them with community engagement by bringing serve trucks, groceries, product and last but not least, training. Training is the best tool to Equip, Enrich and Empower the local pastor in the communities we are serving. We encourage everyone to be involved in doing good for Christ's sake. It is our desire that our outreach would be more than an event or program, but that it would simply flow out of our lives.