Our Story

In 2005, Pastor Rod Baker sat in a service unsuspecting that this would be a defining moment in his ministry. God took hold of Pastor Rod’s heart and spoke a question-Will you Pastor for me?  Immediately, the Lord began to impart a vision into Rod, for a new way to do ministry that would refresh and empower the body of Christ. This divine moment sparked a revelation in his heart, which would be a glimpse of what was to come.

For the next 12 years, Pastors Rod & Gloria served their home church faithfully waiting for the right time to launch out, constantly praying over that dream planted in their hearts. Rod & Gloria Baker sat down with Ethan & Amber Jacobsen, who had also received a word from the Lord to launch out, and establish what NorthStar church would look like- A community of believers who would literally stand between heaven and hell for each other.  They strongly believe in creating a NorthStar family environment for people to experience a new path, where no one was a church member, but a church OWNER! And they follow this vision in every aspect of their ministry: from Adult Services, NorthStar Kids, Glow Girls, Iron Men’s Ministry, and NorthStar Bridge.



Co-Lead Pastors: Rod & Gloria Baker

For 32 years, Pastors Rod & Gloria Baker have actively been involved in ministry, from serving as Children’s Pastors, Urban Youth Pastors, Missions & Outreach Pastors, and so much more.

Rod & Gloria have always had a compassionate heart to help the hurting and feed the hungry while presenting the gospel.  They have spent the majority of their lives doing just that. From building homes in Haiti after devastating earthquakes, establishing mission’s base in Haiti, built churches, medical clinics and schools, procuring millions of pounds of food to help communities in need, helping orphans and foster families with support and supplies, and tirelessly counseling and encouraging local churches to do the same. Their focus has always been on community, which is why NorthStar has such an impactful foundation in this community. Their belief in being Christ-followers, and not just Christians, has led them to the utter-most parts of this earth!

Rod & Gloria have been married for 42 amazing years, and have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren who are their treasures!


Co-Lead Pastors: Ethan & Amber Jacobsen

Ethan & Amber have faithfully served in ministry for the past 25 years collectively. They served as the Outreach Directors for a mega church in Tulsa, where they oversaw 72 local outreaches per week, with a fleet of 15 Outreach Trucks and 500 volunteers holding mobile churches scattered all across the city. They coordinated 3 million pounds of donated foods every year, with a combined effort of 15 million pounds of food over the last 10 years. Ethan & Amber were also responsible for coordinating large events for their church, feeding over 3,500 underprivileged individuals every Thanksgiving, and overseeing 42 bus routes to the inner city, as well as hosting large scale city wide events.

Ethan & Amber are passionate about creating strong families, and empowering the community around them. They strongly believe it’s not what you do, but who you raise!

Ethan & Amber have been marries for 13 years and have a beautiful daughter name Gloria Galilee “Gigi” who lights up their life, in addition to Gigi, the Lord has blessed them with a new baby girl on the way! Their family is avid Yankee’s fans and can be heard boisterously cheering on their team during Baseball season every year!